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The MCI Screen was developed in collaboration with physicians in busy clinical practices who face the challenge of delivering high-volume care in an increasingly restrictive reimbursement environment. This collaborative effort has resulted in a product that fits seamlessly and productively into today's fast-paced clinical practices.

Guided Assessment

The MCI Screen features fully guided administration that enforces consistency across assessments and across different administrators. This ensures that longitudinal tracking of cognitive performance is not unnecessarily biased by variability in the assessment process.

Secure Online Access

Online access is securely brokered through SSL transactions and all data exchange and storage protocols comply with HIPAA guidelines. Because Medical Care Corporation’s application runs online and requires no downloads to your local computer, you need not worry about system maintenance, product updates, or data backups. Furthermore, you may access your account and all of your patient information from any internet-enabled computer, tablet, or hand-held device, at any time.