Free Brochures

We offer free patient education materials both in English and Spanish. Please contact us at to request copies.

Reimbursement Guidelines

Reimbursement varies depending on your specialty, your geography, and the type of facility in which you practice.

* Please consult with your billing representative or agency for specific reimbursement requirements and coding procedures according to your geography, your specialty, and the nature of your organization.

Healthy Brain Checklist

The Healthy Brain Checklist is a free, 3-question self-administered checklist form. Patients can complete this one page checklist while in the physician’s waiting room. It effectively identifies concerns that are consistent with normal aging (benign concerns), as well as concerns that are likely to be caused by an underlying medical condition (qualified concerns). Qualified concerns should be further evaluated with the MCI Screen.

The Healthy Brain checklist was developed from an analysis of well-validated instruments in the medical literature. The white paper describes its development and utility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions about cognitive health and MCI Screen. If your question is not addressed on this document, we welcome you to contact us at